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Copland Chartered Accountant
Professional Corporation

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Markham, Ontario
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Our Services

Accounting & Auditing
The firm provides the accounting and auditing services that a private business requires. We make every effort to complete the financial statements shortly after year-end so the financial information is current and useful. Although reviewing historical information is beneficial, we believe the focus of a business should be "future oriented." To that end, we assist clients in their business plans and frequently act as consultants in this regard. Some clients refer to us as their "offsite VP of finance." All of our efforts are done in the context of achieving your financial goals.

Tax Reduction Strategies
Our objective is to ensure that you, as a business owner, pay the absolute minimum amount of income tax on your hard earned income. Income tax services include some of the more sophisticated work such as:
  • crystallization of the $750,000 Capital Gains Exemption for owners, their spouses and their children. This enables the family members to receive very large amounts of money tax-free upon sale of their business.
  • utilization of family trusts for tax planning purposes and for minor children so that parents still maintain control of the company.
  • reorganization of corporate share capital with the objective of income splitting with family members.
  • strategic tax planning with the objective of obtaining more than one small business deduction in order to reduce corporate income taxes.
  • estate tax-planning to minimize taxes on death and to achieve most tax-effective inter-generational transfer of wealth.
  • and many other areas that can substantially reduce the income tax burden on private business owners.
We provide a level of taxation advice for which normally a private business owner would have to go to one of the national CA firms. Because we are small, we can give personalized service with fast turnaround at a reasonable cost. In some cases, we provide specialized tax advice while the client continues to use their regular accountant for financial statement preparation, etc.

Financial Advice
Our objective is to help you manage your financial affairs, both corporate and personal, in an effective way. In this regard, we go beyond the accounting, auditing and taxation services that are normally provided. Our philosophy is that every business owner should aim for minimal debt. Although at times borrowing money is necessary and can make a lot of sense, we do advise and direct our clients towards strengthening their financial position by reducing their debt. We have helped over 250 individuals and over 150 businesses become debt free. Without question, every client who has become debt-free has been very grateful and happy that they made the sacrifices to achieve this. We provide solid, biblically based financial advice to our clients. However, if you are in a situation where it is necessary to borrow, we can help you obtain the financing so as to minimize your risk, reduce your costs and develop a plan to pay off the debt as soon as possible.